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Ceramic Clay

Only 12 students
will travel with us to Italy to experience their own creative Renaissance this summer.

Will you be one of them?

Our sculptors develop their craftsmanship and community in elegant, high-quality destinations worldwide.


Why not dive into the lifestyle of a working sculptor; step courageously from idea to observation, production and process while learning materials and finishes in the historic Tommasi studio in Italy?  Whether you are a beginner or seasoned sculptor, you're invited to hone your craft with immersive guidance from award- winning, professional sculptors. Not only are you invited into a unique opportunity to excel, but you also get the rare opportunity to enjoy your new global community of sculptor friends and professional support of your unique expression.


Let's sculpt in Italy this year, together!

- David Hunwick

Just 3 Steps To Sculpt In Italy?

August 31st -September 11th 2024

Yes! This summer, you are invited to escape to the historic Tommasi studio in Pietrasanta, Italy where masters have worked on their masterpieces for generations.  Join the special community that has formed over the past 10 years in Pietrasanta which has embraced students from all over the world to come and hone their passion for sculpture. 


Fully immerse your heart and hands in traditional classical Renaissance figurative sculpture within the atelier style apprenticeship learning model. 


Below are the 3 steps you need to take for your adventure. 



75% Program seats sold out on the first day! 3 Seats left.

* Clicking button will email David a request for invoice.

Simply reply to pay your deposit of $1800 CAD via e-transfer.

Sneak a Peek Inside Sculpt Italy

What To Expect On Your Trip

Wondering what will it be like to attend Sculpt Italy over the 11 days from August 31st to September 11th 2024? We put together a comprehensive page to dive deep into the Sculpt Italy Summer School.


Download Your Trip Kit to:

  • Get your class itinerary

  • Check out the hotel rooms included in the trip

  • Read the FAQs for trip planning and budgeting

  • Find out what kind of projects you will become skilled with

  • Read more about Pietrasanta known as the "Little Athens" of Italy

  • Watch  videos about the trip 

  • Download the info package 

  • Download the registration package to accompany your e-transfer deposit

  • Learn what to pack for your trip and where to fly

Why You'll Love This Program

Beginners, Professional Sculptors & Art Adventurers Love These I Can Sculpt Benefits

This summer, gain confidence and skill in your craft yet retain beginner's mind in your approach - whether you continue with sculpting as a cherished hobby - or you develop your craft as a professional sculptor.

 Your teachers are here to help you immerse yourself further than you could if you took the training online or in traditional art schools. 

Speaking of inspiration, you will receive your 2024 I Can Sculpt Italy memory book shipped to your door so you can pick up on the inspiration from the Italian immersion any time you want to tune into your creative Renaissance again.

Your trip is almost an all-inclusive!
We've got you covered for classes, free time, studio meals and accommodations -  making this trip easy, fun and delightful. 

Not to mention you are in for a treat - also included is a dinner and day trip in Florence!


All you need is your flight!

Did you know that you can bring a companion and they pay almost half the price? 

Non-sculpting attendees can join in the fun, take advantage of the amazing deal on the hotel rooms and  soak up Italy before meeting up with you in the evenings.


(Check the trip download kit for all the details. )

Here to master your craft?

Want to deepen your craft as a sculptor? Thinking about taking sculpting to the pro level?

Draw skill from over 100 years of mastery in training & teaching experience at your fingertips within a more effective learning context than typical academic settings. Take advantage of the support your teaching team offers you to embrace sculpting as a career.


Just like past grads, complete the I Can Sculpt Summer School and exhibit in as early as 6 months after training for those who chose to become working sculptors. Our teaching faculty are here to help you rise!  Want to exhibit your piece you create in Italy? We help you ship a copy of your sculpture as a courtesy service.*

* disclaimer

If you would like a copy of your sculpture made, we provide a courtesy service for you to have your sculpture  moulded and cast in either bronze or resin by a local foundry and then take care of the shipping arrangements for you.

Of course, additional foundry and shipping fees would apply (price varies depending on size and shipping location) this can be discussed upon registration

for general budgeting.

When Did The I Can Sculpt Story Begin?

Our Origin Story

Our story began in 2012 when I met Gabriele in Victoria, BC.  I was commissioned to mould and cast a life-size Madonna that another sculptor was creating. We struck up a friendship and would often go to the gym together. Whilst sitting in the hot tub at the gym, we had the vision of setting up a summer school in Italy.


That dream became reality in 2013 .


Since then we have been hosting summer classes in the beautiful Tommasi Studio in the heart of the Tuscan city of Pietrasanta, known as 'Little  Athens'. 

Gabriele worked and assisted Marcello Tommasi making the studio his home for several years.

Over the last 10 years we have invited other guest sculptors to assist with the programme to develop anatomical knowledge and teach how to sculpt with greater confidence in the classic Italian tradition.


Our classes expanded to include Victoria, BC and New York and invite new and advancing sculptors reach their new heights within a deeply supportive and highly-skilled, historically significant environment. 

- David Hunwick

Meet Your 
Teaching Team

What Our Students Say

Marble Soap in Hands

I attended a sculpting class in Tuscany Italy, and it was truly magnificent! The instructors - Gabriele and David  - were incredibly skilled and passionate, and the atmosphere was inspiring. 

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to explore their artistic side and learn from some of the best in the field.  

I will remember the joyful experience like a child enjoys Christmas!

- Roberta S.

Our Educational Philosophy

At I Can Sculpt, we believe that every artist needs a supportive and inspiring environment to create their masterpieces. Our sculpture classes in Pietrasanta, Italy and Victoria, British Columbia and New York  are designed with this atelier style educational integrity in mind, providing a space that nurtures creativity and encourages artistic growth.

This is an opportunity to be  immersed in the figurative sculpture tradition influenced by the Italian Renaissance where we help you develop your skills, vision and style under the direction and support from world class  professional and celebrated master sculptors. 

We're dedicated to teaching the art of sculpture and providing  with the best possible experience. Whether you're a seasoned artist looking to refine your skills or a beginner eager to learn, we have something for everyone.


Join us at I Can Sculpt and discover the joy of sculpting!

Old City Architecture
Ready to realize your creative vision with masterful, award-winning, professional artists supporting your personal, creative Renaissance?

What happens when I register? 

Reserve My Seat, I'm In!

Secure your seat by clicking the button to email the coordinator. 
You will then receive an invoice to pay via e-transfer  to cover your deposit
($1800 CAD) or your full registration ($5800 CAD) Payment plans are available.

You will need to confirm by email whether you want single or shared next hotel room (availability is on a first come, first serve basis.)

You are complete! Your tuition, meals, accommodations and leisure trips are organized, all you need to do now is book your flight!    

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